Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sydney RBG Flying Foxes

Flying foxes that call Sydney's Botanic Gardens home have been given a reprieve, after a plan to relocate them was postponed. The Botanic Gardens Trust was hoping to drive the flying foxes away by disturbing them with noise. The trust says the relocation is neccessary to protect the historical trees in the gardens. The relocation has now been put on hold for a year because of concerns the flying foxes would relocate to unsuitable areas. Botanic Gardens Trust executive director, Dr Tim Entwisle, says they could not get the necessary approvals in time to move the animals. "It means the flying foxes in the Royal Botanic Gardens are here for another year," he said. "We've already lost 18 trees in the last 20 years they've been here, but we think we can nurse those through as long as we relocate in the following year." *ABC

Ed Comment; What this means is that the Federal Government are still considering the proposal which has been strongly oppposed by many wildlife gropus.

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