Monday, December 6, 2010

Flying Foxes 7/12/10

Flying Foxes

The Charters Towers Regional Council, south-west of Townsville in north Queensland, says it will resubmit an application to have thousands of bats moved from the town centre early this week. A protest rally was held last month, calling on the State Government to move the bats which are roosting in the town's main park. Charters Towers Mayor Ben Callcott says despite assurances that Queensland Sustainability Minister Kate Jones would meet him to discuss the matter, he is yet to hear from her. "It's an absolute difficult struggle," he said. "I would like to see the Government become mature enough to have a look at this legislation and change it but they are adamant that that's not going to happen. "They wants us to work within the existing legislation and that is almost impossible. "I've met Kate Jones personally and I would hope that she might talk to me directly on these things - that's what I wish her to do. "It hasn't happened on the last couple of occasions and I'm not totally satisfied with it." *ABC

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